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Higher Education Pedagogy


25 credits + 35 credits




English (Swedish and Finnish)

Apply time

Continious for separate courses / Spring 2020 for eligibility

Courses offered within Higher Education Pedagogy 2021-2022

During spring the application for the Higher Education pedagogy courses for the academic year 2021-22 will open. The courses will only be open for Åbo Akademi teachers and researchers. Please find more information on the intranet. 

In spring 2022 an admission for the 60 ECTS programme that give teaching competence in Higher Education Pedagogy will open. Eligibility criteria will be informed on later, it will be open to all that fulfills the criteria.

Why Study Higher Education Pedagogy?

When teaching in Higher Education you need a good pedagogical and didactic basis to stand on. When you study courses in Higher Education Pedagogy, you will get both theory and practice that support your teaching and the supervision you provide. As a teacher within higher education, you need to cooperate, work for a networking teacher culture and continuously work with your own competence development. See our videos on the topic:

Video 1: Why do we need Higher Education Pedagogy

Video 2: What is the view of the participants?

Video 3: Why do we need pedagogical leadership?

Where? All of the courses within the intermediate study module in Higher Education Pedagogy are flexible hybrid courses. The participation takes place online or at your own institution.

How? The language of instruction is English. The examination of the separate courses derives, as far as, possible from the participants’ mother tongue.

Can I take separate Courses for Continuing Education?  Yes, if you like to broaden your competences in order to, for example, qualify for a position or to enhance your pedagogical knowledge, you can choose to take separate courses in Higher Education Pedagogy. Application for separate courses in higher education pedagogy will open later in spring

Can I complete Qualifying studies in Higher Education Pedagogy? If you plan to complete 60 credits and become a qualified teacher, you need to complete 25 credits in Basic Studies in Pedagogy, and complete Intermediate Studies in Higher Education Pedagogy (35 credits) and at some point apply and get admitted to the qualifying studies. In the Teaching Qualification Decree (986/1998) you can read the details on becoming a qualified teacher in Finland.

Admission for qualifying Teacher Studies in Higher Education Pedagogy (60 ECTS), spring 2022

Basic Studies in Pedagogy, 25 credits: 

You can complete the Basic Studies in Pedagogy at any university in Finland. At Studyinfo.fi you find information.

Intermediate Studies in Higher Education 35 credits: 

  • HP00BQ02 Didactical design of courses in higher education, 5 ECTS
  • HP00BQ03 Digital learning in higher education, 5 ECTS
  • HP00BQ04 Digital tools for teaching, 5 ECTS
  • HP00BQ12 Teaching practice 1, 5 ECTS
  • HP00BQ06 Teaching practice 2, 5ECTS
  • HP00BQ05 Curriculum leadership in higher education, 5 ECTS
  • HP00BQ09 Research and development work, 5 ECTS

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