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Biomedical scientists studying cellular filament-related diseases get together in Turku

The 11th European Meeting on Intermediate Filaments, EUROIF2019, organized by scientist and medical doctors at Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku, brings together over 100 international experts in biology, biochemistry and medicine to Turku, June 8–11, 2019.

The meeting topic Cellular and Mechanical Properties of Intermediate filaments for Health will cover the most recent findings on cellular intermediate filaments and their function.

Intermediate filaments comprise a family of structural proteins that play important roles in cell movement, mechanical support of cells and tissues, and facilitate cellular communication. These features are critical for tissue health and resistance to diseases. This is shown by that an increasing number of mutations in intermediate filament genes have been linked to diseases, such as muscular dystrophies, liver and skin diseases, cardiomyopathies and neuronal disorders.

EUROIF2019 will highlight the latest finding of the field by young scientists and by highly acknowledged experts, such as the former president of the American Society for Cell Biology, prof. Robert D. Goldman (Northwestern University, Chicago, USA), prof. Gisèle Bonne (Inserm, Paris, France), prof. Pierre Coulombe (University of Michigan), Karen Ridge (Northwestern University, Chicago), Milos Pekny (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and Ohad Medalia (University of Zurich, Switzerland).

The conference will be co-organized with the European Union COST network EuroCellNet.

 For more details, please see euroif2019.fi