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ÅAU funding for doctoral researchers

ÅAU funding for doctoral researchers

Åbo Akademi University announces funding for ÅAU doctoral researchers on a regular basis. Available applications can be found on the following webpages:

In addition to the general funded doctoral researcher positions, Finland Fellowship positions are available for non-EU/EEA-citizens (more information below).

Finland Fellowship – funded doctoral researcher positions

If you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA country, you may apply for Finland Fellowship funding. If you have a dual citizenship, both must be non-EU/EEA.

The Finland Fellowship funding is applied for with the same application form as the general ÅAU funded doctoral researcher positions. If you wish to be considered for a Finland Fellowship position, this must be clearly stated in the free-form application letter, which is a mandatory attachment in the application for a funded doctoral position.

The next Finland Fellowship funding recipients will be selected from those who apply for a general ÅAU funded doctoral position at one of our faculties in March 2024. Announcement will be available here:
Come work with us > Available positions

A Finland Fellowship funding applicant must apply for both the funded doctoral position and a right to study for a doctoral degree at ÅAU (if they have not already been granted the study right). Study right is applied for in a separate process.

Eligible for the Finland Fellowship funding in the announcement in March 2024 are a) applicants who have already been granted a study right for a doctoral degree at ÅAU in the autumn 2023 or later, or b) applicants who will be granted a study right for a doctoral degree in the September 2024 application round, at the latest.

The Finland Fellowship funding is awarded for max 48 months. In the upcoming application the Finland Fellowship funded employment can start on January 1, 2025, at the earliest. The employment contract requires living in Finland for the duration of the employment.

Updated 6.3.2024