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Rector’s Executive Group

Rector’s Executive Group

Rector Moira von Wright’s Executive Group consists of:

  • Vice-rectors, Professors Mikael Lindfelt and Stefan Willför.
  • Deans Peter Nynäs (Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology), Fritjof Sahlström (Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies), Marko Joas (Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics) and Patrik Henelius (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
  • Rector in Vaasa, Professor Lisbeth Fagerström.
  • Head of Administration Ulla Achrén.
  • Chairperson of the Board ÅAS, Anna Oksanen

Rector’s Executive Group usually meets on Mondays.

The Executive Group can be reached via the Executive Assistant Johan Berg.


Updated 20.9.2019