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Project coordinator

Åbo Akademi University

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  • Digital Intelligent Urban Services in the Metaverse – a solution for increased competitiveness of small & median cities

    Metacity is an URBACT action planning network aiming to increase competitiveness of small and medium tech-aware cities, benefiting from the opportunity to enhance service efficiency and citizen satisfaction provided by the metaverse. By integrating metaverse technologies, cities can create immersive digital environments for education, healthcare, tourism and public services, enabling streamlined communication, remote access to services, and personalized experiences, leveling the playing field with larger cities. Metaverse-driven urban planning fosters innovation, economic growth, and ensures that citizens have access to cutting-edge solutions, ultimately improving their overall quality of life.

    In Metacity, the network comprises of eight cities and two research institutions, with the city of Fundao (Portugal) as lead partner. Åbo Akademi University’s Experience Lab was the first academic partner in a URBACT network. This is our second action planning network in collaboration with the city of Nykarleby.

    This URBACT project is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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    Kimmo Rautanen (Principal Investigator)


    Experience Lab

    Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies

    Yvonne Backholm-Nyberg

    Operations Manager 

    Experience Lab

    Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies

    Sören Andersson

    Laboratory Engineer 

    Experience Lab

    Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies
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