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Games and Learning – a research based network

Games and Learning – a research based network



Project coordinator

Åbo Akademi, Experience Lab

Project partners

  • Yrkeshögskolan Novia
  • Nord University (Norge)
  • Abertay University (UK)
  • Tammerfors Universitet
  • Technological University Dublin (Irland)
  • International Game Developers Association Vaasa Hub
  • Immersive Minds (UK)
  • Föreningen för förebyggande rusmedelsarbete ry
  • Österbottens Kriscenter Valo
  • Funded by

  • Högskolestiftelsen i Österbotten
  • Budget

    40 000 euros

    Åbo Akademi University’s part of the budget

    40 000 euros (100%)

    While digital games have gained some research interest, there remains untapped potential in terms of learning and education. We see a need to explore research on games to support teacher education in terms of learning in and for the future. The constant development of digital games results in a rapidly shifting environment where all actors are needed to facilitate a research-based understanding of games and learning. 

    Through this project, we endeavour to create possibilities for networking and collaboration between relevant actors on a regional, national and international level. 

    We aim to strengthen the field of games and learning at the Faculty of Education and Welfare studies at ÅAU through collaboration. We identify research gaps and the needs from those working in the field, strengthen networks as well as design the pilot phase of this research project.  

    We also aim to create ecosystems with relevant actors – researchers, teachers/schools/organisations and game developers. Through this project we combine the competence on games and learning as well as other relevant areas at the Faculty of Education and Welfare studies; Experience Lab, Matilda Ståhl’s research as well as other game-oriented research endeavours (e.g., Tandem på spel and Redit).  

    The project has two phases: 1) the networking and piloting phase and 2) the implementation phase. Likewise, the project has two main areas – research as well as networking and collaboration, which in turn creates a supportive and engaging environment for developing new ideas.  Through creating a network based is Ostrobothnia with national and international collaborations and networks, we strengthen the research environment and the teacher education at the faculty. Further, as part of the project, we have together with Dr Mariana Rocha (Dublin Technological University) established “Games and Learning – an International Junior Researchers Network”, see more information below. 

    Our short-term goal is to create a platform for research on games and learning. In terms of long-term goals, we aim to support the creation of international research projects where the results are employed in teacher education and the educational field at large.  

    Research coordinator: Matilda Ståhl, matilda.stahl@abo.fi 

    Project manager: Yvonne Backholm-Nyberg, yvonne.backholm@abo.fi  

    Project team: Matilda Ståhl, Yvonne Backholm-Nyberg och Joachim Majors

    Games and Learning – an International Junior Researchers Network 

    The network currently consists of around ten members from six different countries, including fresh PhD-students to post-doctoral researchers. We have monthly online seminars where we present current projects and so far, we have looked at drafts for papers, posters as well as games in progress.  

    If this sounds like an interesting network you would like to be part of, we are happy to announce that we are accepting new members! However, to be able to maintain a level of trust and constructive criticism during these seminars, we wish to keep the network on the smaller side with active members. Therefore, we ask anyone interested in joining our network to contact either Matilda Ståhl or Mariana Rocha by email (see information below), give a short presentation of yourself and why you would like to be included in the network! 

    Matilda Ståhl, Åbo Akademi University 

    Mariana Rocha, Dublin Technological University

    Contact us

    Yvonne Backholm-Nyberg

    Operations Manager 

    Experience Lab

    Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies