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FutuDem – The Future of Democracy

FutuDem – The Future of Democracy




Project coordinator:

Social Science Research Institute, Åbo Akademi

Other partners:

  • Ministry of Justice in Finland
  • City of Turku
  • Association of Local and Regional Authorities in Finland
  • Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

The Center of Excellence ”The Future of Democracy” (FutuDem) sets out to study democracy with a comparative and multi-methodological approach. We decipher the current condition of democracy and test new deliberative and participatory models of democracy in order to make claims and suggestions regarding the future of democracy. This funding boosts Åbo Akademi’s position as the leading university in research on public opinion in Finland. The Social Science Research Institute (Samforsk) coordinates the Centre and brings together political scientists from Åbo and Vasa. FutuDem collaborates with leading democracy scholars in the world. It also tries to give policy-makers advise as how to involve citizens in democratic decision-making. This is done in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the City of Turku, and the Finnish and Swedish associations of local and regional authorities.

Contact us

Kimmo Grönlund


Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics


Tel. +358 504096409