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Baltic Science Network




Funded by:

  • Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Project coordinator:

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Ministry of Science Research and Equalities (Germany)


2 994 500 euros

Project partners:

  • Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education of Denmark
  • Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia
  • University of Turku (Finland)
  • Åbo Akademi University/BUP (Finland)
  • Ministry of Social Affairs - Health - Science and Equality/Land of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania
  • Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre/MOSTA (Lithuania)
  • University of Gdansk (Poland)
  • Swedish Research Council
  • Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat

Åbo Akademi University’s part of the budget:

195 000 euros (7%)

Other partners:

  • Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland
  • Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg/Senate Chancellery (Germany)
  • Ministry of Education - Science and Culture of the Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany)
  • The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland
  • St. Petersburg State University of Economics/UNECON (Russia)
  • Baltic Sea Region University Network – BSRUN
  • BONUS – Baltic Organisations´ Network for Funding Science EEIG
  • Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) - NordForsk
  • STRING – political cross border partnership between Hamburg; Schleswig-Holstein; Zealand; Copenhagen; Skåne


The aim of the Baltic Science Network (BSN) is to provide science and research ministries of the Baltic Sea region states with an overall coordination framework to develop and implement science policy in a macro-regional dimension and to ensure a better representation of macro-regional interests on the EU level.

The BSN project also aims to develop and implement transnational strategies, incentives and programmes to support higher education, research and innovation and to develop R&I excellence.
BSN partnership is closely interlinked with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and is a flagship of Policy Area Education, Research and Employability.

Science and education ministries are the main project partners. Åbo Akademi University represents universities via the Baltic University Programme (BUP).

The main outputs of the project include:
– Foundation of the Baltic Science Network
– Joint presentation of macro regional interests on EU level and policy recommendations
– Joint transnational strategies for specific areas of scientific excellence
– Incentives/ funding schemes for fostering transnational research and innovation uptake in BSR
– Measures for better transnational utilisation of existing/ planned R&I infrastructure
– Structured mobility tools and mobility funding instruments
– Concepts and recommendations for widening participation
– Do’s and Don’ts for successful implementation of transnational science policy cooperation

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Paula Lindroos
Paula Lindroos

Lindroos, Paula

PhD, BUP national centre director (until 2018)
Fabriksgatan 2, FI-20500 Åbo / Turku, Finland
mobile: +358 (0)40 759 9507

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