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SHIFT - Schools Harnessing Inclusive Facilitator Technology



Funded by:

  • Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Project coordinator:

Fundacio Privada Institut De Formacio Continua De La Universitat De Barcelona, Spain


242 950 euros

Project partners:

  • Universtitat de Barcelona
  • Åbo Akademi
  • Departament d'Educació- Generalitat de Catalunya
  • University of Nicosia

Åbo Akademi University’s part of the budget:

55 752 euros (23%)

SHIFT is an innovative, inclusive project, which addresses both professional and social priorities: the strengthening of the profiles of teaching professionals and educational support staff in order to facilitate inclusion of all students, including students of foreign origin, students with special needs, and students from particularly disadvantaged socio-economic and sociocultural situations.

Project activities include designing, creating and piloting 1) an Evaluation Manual enabling the evaluation of the transfer of digital competences in the setting of the inclusive classroom and 2) a Learning Path Design providing guidance upon the learning paths to be followed for the acquisition of digital competencies that foster inclusion.

The three main objectives of the project are:

  • To evaluate the transfer of the training on digital competences by teachers and educational support staff into the inclusive classroom
  • To evaluate the multidisciplinary competencies and collaboration among all the agents involved in the classroom: teaching staff and educational support staff (teachers, special education teachers, physiotherapists, speech therapists, educational psychologists etc)
  • To improve the training received by teachers and educational support staff on digital competences in order to foster inclusion and tackle disadvantage and early school leaving.

Contact us

Emmanuel Acquah

Associate Professor (tenure track) 


Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies


Tel. +358 504112220

Anette Bengs


Experience Lab

Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies


Tel. +358 503131952