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Three new professors inaugurated at Åbo Akademi University

On Friday 29th of September, three new professors were inaugurated at Åbo Akademi University in the Old Academy Building in Turku.

The inauguration of professors is an academic ceremony where newly appointed professors are installed in office by the rector. At the same event, the new professors give their inaugural lectures, which are open to the public.

At the professorial inauguration in the Old Academy Building in Turku on 29th of September, the Faculty of Science and Engineering installed Tapani Viitala as Professor of New Drug Formulations and Tiina Salminen as Professor of Biochemistry. The Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics, and Law installed Nina Tynkkynen as Professor of Environmental Management and Policy.

Tiina Salminen, Nina Tynkkynen and Tapani Viitala.

In her inaugural lecture, Professor Nina Tynkkynen spoke about Environment and policy – for whom and by whom (in Swedish).

Professor Tiina Salminen lectured on Structural Biology – a saviour during zoonotic diseases (in Swedish).

Professor Tapani Viitala talked about The Smart Medicines of the Future in his inaugural lecture (in Swedish).

Nina Tynkkynen’s research is characterised by several interdisciplinary projects, but the common denominator is sustainability problems, their solutions and the steering of societies towards a more sustainable future.
Tiina Salminen’s research focuses on the 3D structure of inflammatory and infectious proteins to investigate their functional mechanisms and molecular interactions at the atomic level, with the aim of developing targeted drugs and diagnostics.
Tapani Viitala’s main research focus is to use, among others, modeling surfaces, living cells as well as nanoscience and technology to improve the mechanistic understanding of the impact, distribution and efficiency of drugs and nanoparticle-based drug carriers.