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Sandler to Nanoform – continues as part-time Vice Rector

Åbo Akademi University’s Vice Rector, Research Affairs, Niklas Sandler has taken up a position as Chief Technology Officer at Nanoform in Helsinki. Sandler has been Professor in Pharmacy at Åbo Akademi University since 2009.

The new role is an example of collaboration between university and industry, since Sandler will keep his position as Vice Rector at ÅAU one day of the week until the end of his term of office, 31 July 2019. The Rectorate will make sure that the assignments Sandler no longer handles are taken care of in an appropriate manner.

”During this time, I will focus on following up the research profiling at ÅAU, and support the preparations of the new strategy,” says Sandler.

Nanoform is an innovative drug enabling nanotechnology company. Sandler’s role will combine significant pharmaceutical R&D knowledge with commercial expertise to develop the technological resources required for Nanoform’s growth ambitions.

“I am excited to be joining Nanoform’s dynamic environment and a team that is passionate about transforming the pharmaceutical industry. My career has focused on enhancing the commercial application of research, and Nanoform’s use of cutting-edge nanonization technology exemplifies how innovations are transforming the sector,” says Sandler.