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Press release

Press release

On-ship data provides next-level vessel
energy efficiency

The research project Data Analytics for Zero Emission Marine (DAZE) will explore the use of data to significantly reduce emissions from shipping. Globally, there is a potential for more than 50 per cent reduction of energy used in shipping, utilizing actions such as speed reduction, and improved port operations, propulsion, and ship internal energy optimization. The project is coordinated by Åbo Akademi University.

In the DAZE project, on-ship data will be used to analyse the energy efficiency of operational vessels by utilizing energy models of ship components and providing the tools to do real-time energy optimization. Data will also be utilized for model-based component monitoring, enabling performance optimization and diagnostics features. The project will develop the computing architecture for performing novel integrated combined on-ship computing supported by cloud computing services. 

The energy analysis will be used for analysing and retrofitting new propulsion upgrades and give insights into how the hybridization of vessels can improve performance.  Electrification and the introduction of fossil-free synthetic fuels like ammonia and methanol require next-level vessel energy efficiency to provide competitive vessels for shipping companies. 

“We’re expecting DAZE to deliver concepts for gathering and analysing data from a vessel, with the help of which decisions can be automatically taken to optimize energy consumption and reduce emissions. The data modelling is expected to predict the most economical path to reduce emissions according to the desired reduction targets.” says Kenneth Widell, Sr Project Manager at Wärtsilä leading the Zero Emission Marine Programme. 

“It is rewarding that Åbo Akademi University can contribute to the next generation of shipping, where energy efficiency and zero emissions are a high priority. Our long experience of cooperation with the shipping cluster along the Finnish west coast is further strengthened through this project, while at the same time we get to cooperate with technical universities both in Finland and the Nordic countries with technology that aims for zero emissions“, says Jerker Björkqvist, senior university lecturer in computer technology at Åbo Akademi and coordinator for the DAZE project. 


The research project DAZE is funded by Business Finland and the project partners are Åbo Akademi University, Tampere University, University of Vaasa, University of Oulu, Aalto University, Wärtsilä, Wasaline, Wapice, SiloAI., Nextfour and Meriaura. The project will start in September 2023 and run for three years. 

The DAZE project is directly linked to the Business Finland Veturi ecosystem “Zero Emission Marine” (ZEM) programme lead by Wärtsilä (2022–2025). 


For more information, contact:

Jerker Björkqvist, Senior University Lecturer, Åbo Akademi University
+358 50 4096335