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Humanisticum changes name to Juridicum

The Dahlström Palace at Biskopsgatan 13 in Turku, also known as Humanisticum, is changing its name to Juridicum. In June, the law staff will move in from Domvillan and at least partly from ASA, and starting this autumn, law students will also be welcome there. The student association Stadga will also have a space at Juridicum.

“As we will finally be able to offer master’s degrees in Law next academic year, and the staff and student numbers have grown, the department is in dire need of more space. And when the new Astra building across the street is completed in 2025, there will be synergies with the activities there,” says Professor of Public Law Markku Suksi, and Head of Subject Cluster for Private Law and Public Law.

“Juridicum is one of the most beautiful buildings in which Åbo Akademi University operates, and I am sure that my colleagues and students will manage the building’s heritage in the best possible way,” says Suksi.

Juridicum was built in 1894–1896 for Ernst Dahlström, a businessman, with Gustaf Nyström serving as architect. The property was bequeathed to the Åbo Akademi Foundation in 1924 and transferred to the Academy’s use in 1930. The Faculty of Humanities including the departmental libraries were in the building until 2004. Most recently, the building has been known as the workplace of the rectorate and the management office.

The basement of the Juridicum will continue to house the Donner Institute and the Steiner Library until 2025.

You can read more about the building’s history on the Åbo Akademi Foundation webpage.