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Four new professors inaugurated at Åbo Akademi University

The inauguration of professors is a festive academic ceremony where newly appointed professors are installed in office by the Rector. At the same event, the new professors give their inaugural lectures, which are open to the public.

At the professorial inauguration in the Old Academy Building in Turku on 3 November 2023, four were inaugurated. Fredrik Nilsson, Professor of Nordic Ethnology, Päivi Salmesvuori, Professor of Church Histroy, Jozsef Mezei, Professor in Business Administration and Data Analytics, and Magnus Hellström, Professor of Industrial Management.

Professorsinstallation 3.11.20232
Professor Fredrik Nilsson, Professor Päivi Salmesvuori, Professor Jozsef Mezei and Professor Magnus Hellström were inaugurated on 3 november.