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Åbo Akademi University is opening negotiations with Certia on the transfer of financial functions

At the board meeting on 9 June, Åbo Akademi University’s board discussed the possibility that Certia would increasingly manage some of Åbo Akademi University’s financial functions. The activity that could be transferred would be the accounts receivable group that handles supplier invoices, travel invoices and travel subsidies at Åbo Akademi University. The possible transfer would affect 10 people.

The Board discussed the matter and supported the proposal. The Board noted that the matter is of an operational nature and falls within the remit of the Rector. This allows the Rector to initiate a formal negotiation with Certia, and if an agreement is reached, to sign an agreement with Certia and execute the transfer. The transfer can only take place if Certia establishes a branch in Turku. The part of the work at ÅAU carried out in Vaasa can be transferred to Certia’s existing point of operation in Vaasa.

Certia is an in-house company for Finnish universities and currently delivers, in addition to accounting services, Åbo Akademi University’s financial system SAP.

The Board of the University of Turku (Turun yliopisto) decided on 5 May 2023 to transfer its accounts receivable function, i.e. supplier invoices, travel expenses and travel subsidies, to Certia.

CFO Tapani Harkila informed the staff of the financial service on the matter on Monday (12.6.2023).

Further information:
Tapani Harkila, CFO
Telephone: +358 2 2153558
E-mail: Tapani.Harkila@abo.fi