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Åbo Akademi University eases its corona restrictions

The government has announced that the corona related restrictions can gradually be abolished. Vice-rector Willför, on February 15, 2022, has decided that Åbo Akademi University, in accordance with the latest decisions from the authorities, eases its restrictions on Turku and Vaasa campus.

Teaching in period 3 will continue as previously decided. Since January 31, 2022, teachers at ÅAU have been able to choose to transition to close or hybrid teaching if they find it to be appropriate and teaching can be done in a corona safe way.

In period 4 Åbo Akademi University returns to on-site teaching.

Events, dissertations, and association activities are allowed on campus, but must be done in a corona safe manner. Student associations may use all their spaces.

Information on pandemic-related guidelines and arrangements starting on February 15 are posted on the intranet.