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Press release

Press release

A new voting advice application places voters on the European political map

A joint voting advice application helps citizens make informed choices in the 2019 European Parliament elections. The euandi2019 tool is unique because it places voters politically in the entire European Union, not just in their home country.

“Many still find European politics very distant. Voters have a hard time placing themselves on the European political map. This application offer voters an easy way to get a full picture of where they are placed,” says Marco Svensson La Rosa, one of the developers of the application from the Social Science Research Institute at Åbo Akademi University.

The euandi2019 voting advice application repeats a familiar pattern. A voter answers questions posed by the application, which concern current affairs and political values. After that he or she is shown the parties that are closest to his or her political preferences in the home country and the entire Europe.

The aim is to make the euandi2019 application available to as many EU citizens as possible. For example, the tool may be embedded on a website for free. The application is available in all official languages of the EU, including Finnish and Swedish, except for the political parties’ own comments on the political statements. For technical reasons, the comments are available in only one language.

In addition to Marco Svensson La Rosa, the Finnish part of the euandi2019 application was prepared by Thomas Karv from Åbo Akademi University, and Aino Tiihonen, Johannes Lehtinen, and Risto Niemikari from Tampere University. The European University Institute, located in Florence, Italy, coordinated the work

You may join the euandi2019 network or embed the tool on a website by contacting Martina Popova (in English) in technical matters or by registering with Marco Svensson La Rosa.

euandi2019: https://euandi2019.eu/survey/default/EN



Martina Popova, Communications Associate, European Governance and Politics Programme, martina.popova@eui.eu

Marco Svensson La Rosa, Doctoral Researcher in political science, Åbo Akademi Unviersity marco.svenssonlarosa@abo.fi, tel. +358 50 595 6366

Johannes Lehtinen, Doctoral Researcher in political science, Tampere University, johannes.lehtinen@tuni.fi, tel. +358 40 573 9800