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Finnish Training School for LignoCOST CA17128

Finnish Training School for LignoCOST CA17128

Chemical structure and selected applications of lignins


Local organizers:

Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU): Chunlin Xu, Lucas Lagerquist, Anna Sundberg, Patrik Eklund
Aalto University (Aalto): Monika Österberg


Time: 20-23 June, 2022

Place: Åbo Akademi University, Aurum, Henrikinkatu 2, Turku, Finland



Monday June 20, 2022: 9:00- 17:00

Welcome and introduction

9:00–10:00 Presentations of local organizers, Åbo Akademi University (Patrik Eklund & Chunlin Xu) and Aalto University (Monika Österberg) including lignin activities
10:00–11:30 Presentations by each participants (2 slides and 2 mins each)
11:30–12:00 Initialization of group work (with 5 credits option)
12:00–13:30 Lunch


Biorefinery fractionation & purification

13:30–14:30 Lignin-first vs other technologies: Prof. Chunlin Xu, (ÅAU), Dr. Patrik Eklund (ÅAU), Prof. Mikhail Balakshin (Aalto)
14:30–15:00 Industrial approaches
Cellunolix concept: Timo Leskinen, St1
Metgen concept: Liji Sobhana, Metgen
15:30–16:00 Fractionation/Purification of lignin, case studies: Lucas Lagerquist and Luyao Wang
16:00-17:00 Lab tour at Aurum building


Tuesday June 21, 2022: 8:30 – 16:30

Characterization of lignin

8:30–9:30 Chemical structure by NMR: Dr. Ewellyn Capanema (RISE, SE)
9:30–10:30 SEC/MALLS with some 2D-SEC and functional dispersity distribution and speed analysis methods: Prof. Antje Potthast (BOKU, AUS)
10:30–11:30 Classical wet-chemical methods for lignin analysis: Dr. Andrey Pranovich (ÅAU)
11:30–13:00 Lunch
13:00–14:00 New methods in understanding aging/chromophore chemistry: Prof. Thomas Rosenau (BOKU, AUS)


Lab demonstrations

14:00–16:00 NMR: Lucas Lagerquist
• Sample preparation, 31P, HSQC and C NMR
HPSEC: Luyao Wang
• Sample preparation, data interpretation
3D printing: Andrey Pranovich
• Filament preparation, printing

Poster session with refreshments

18:45  Dinner: Cruise boat Rudolfiina


Wednesday June 22, 2022: 9:30-17:00

Modification for applications

9:30–10:30 LNPs: prof. Monika Österberg (Aalto)
10:30–11:30 Lignin carbonization: prof. Michael Hummel (Aalto)
11:30–13:00 Lunch
13:00–13:30 Lignin as macromonmers, polymer blends and co-polymers: Patrik Eklund (ÅAU)
13:30–14:00 Catalytic lignin depolymerization: Henrik Grénman (ÅAU)
14:00–15:00 3D printing: prof. Chunlin Xu (ÅAU)


Workshop/group work


Thursday June 23, 2022: 8:30-13:00

9:00–9:45 Introduction to CH Bioforce fractionation technology
10:00–12:00 Excursion to CH Bioforce pilot plant
12:00 End of the workshop


Study points:

For doctoral students, ÅAU will give 2 or 5 credits depending on the assignments that will be included.


  • Industrial participants who do not belong to LignoCost will pay a participation fee (600 €)
  • This course is free of charge for doctoral students from Finnish universities and other universities who are partners to LignoCost. The participant fee for other doctoral students and other academics will be 200 €.
  • If your organization is partner to LignoCost, you are entitled to apply for reimbursement. Please note: there is a limited amount of number of participants.
  • For payments, please use this link: https://crm.abo.fi/Events/1628/Apply

Organizing committee:

Prof. Chunlin Xu, Dr. Patrik Eklund, Dr. Anna Sundberg, Lucas Lagerquist, ÅAU and Prof. Monika Österberg, Aalto University

Course coordinator and local contact: Patrik C. Eklund, patrik.c.eklund@abo.fi


For further information, please contact: Patrik C. Eklund, patrik.c.eklund@abo.fi

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