Courses and guidance

Overwhelmed by all information available? Develop and improve your information skills. Take part in a course or book guidance now!

Courses (30 minutes)

Starting this autumn, a new concept of short but intense demo sessions (approx. 30 minutes) will be introduced. Knowledgeable librarians will show you how to advance your research with Sage Research Methods, keep track of all your references with RefWorks and other apps, and of course, how to find the information you need. Dates will be announced later.

31st October 15.15 pm Book Tower meetingroom (2nd floor) Reference management (RefWorks)
14th November 9.15 am Book Tower meetingroom (2nd floor) Alma – the library search portal

You don’t need to register!

Book a librarian

Do you need help with finding information, searching databases, registering publications in Artur and managing references in a more private setting? A one-on-one session usually takes about 15–60 minutes.

Book a librarian

Courses and guidande in Vaasa (Tritonia)

Tritonia offers short courses and Learning in Networks courses. The courses are free of charge for the personnel at the universities in Vaasa.

Updated 17.9.2018