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The Language Centre’s support services

The Language Centre’s support services

The Language Centre offers preparatory courses, text workshops and consultations, language tests and certificates.

Support services include language-level tests, preparatory courses, a text workshop and text consultation. For example, if you are uncertain about your level in Finnish and are hesitant about whether you should choose taking the language test or the course, you can take a self-test to assist you. If you have previous knowledge of German, you can take a language-level test that will indicate which course you should choose.

Preparatory courses in Finnish and English

The Language Centre arranges preparatory courses in Finnish and English that prepare students for the faculty-specific language courses. To know which alternative in Finnish you should choose, you can take a self-test.

Text workshop and text consultation

You can visit our text workshop to further develop the language in texts in Swedish or English that you are writing as part of your studies, e.g. assignments, presentations, degree projects. If you are writing your thesis and want advice as to how to improve the language of your text, you can receive text consultations in Swedish and English.


On the Language Centre’s intranet, you will find video tips about tools that are available on your computer and read about how you can move forward if you are having difficulties in language learning. ÅAU-login is required for accessibility and learning tips.

Certificates and Language testing

Language certificates for completed courses may be obtained from the Language Centre. We arrange tests in foreign languages ​​for those intending to study abroad but who have not participated in any language course.

Updated 7.2.2023