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The Language Centre’s mission

The Language Centre’s mission

All students come into contact with the Language Centre’s courses and activities

Versatile language skills are a prerequisite for studies, in working life and for international contacts.

The Language Centre offers diverse courses in language and communication for students and staff.

Our mission is to support Åbo Akademi University in achieving the goals of the university’s strategy for the years 2021–2030. Our dedicated teachers, who are experts in language and communication, place a student’s learning at the very centre and provide students with a broad multilingual and multicultural competence for the needs of different actors in society, both nationally and internationally.

All bachelor’s degrees include compulsory studies in the second national language, at least one foreign language and a course in academic language skills in Swedish. For certain areas of study, additional language studies are required. It is worth taking advantage of other course offerings at the Language Centre within the framework of elective studies.

We recommend that you start your language studies at the beginning of your study period. In this way, you will have the opportunity to achieve such language skills that will benefit your studies, working life and international contacts. An important part of the Language Centre’s mission is also to linguistically prepare students for exchange studies at a foreign university.

Updated 21.2.2023