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FUNMAT – functional materials

Åbo Akademi University’s Centre of Excellence 2015-2018 within the project focusing on functional materials to regulate cells (FUNMAT) looks at wound healing and tissue formation from a material sciences perspective. The project’s researchers are working to manufacture materials and structures that can support, control and stimulate biological processes. The objective is to clarify and control how the materials interact with living cells.

Chronic wounds caused by diabetes, for example, lead to 10–15 million amputations each year. In practice, there are no biologically active substances available that can heal chronic diabetes wounds. Electrical stimulation has been shown to be an effective method, but its exact mechanisms are still not fully known. Materials-driven biology – biology-driven materials research may provide solutions.

The research project FUNMATFunctional Materials at Biological Interfaces is led by Professor in Physics Ronald Österbacka.

Updated 10.2.2022