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Equality, equal treatment and diversity

Equality, equal treatment and diversity

Åbo Akademi University’s values are diversity, openness, courage, participation and sustainability. These values encompass the diversity found in our university and its environs.

As an educational institution and employer, Åbo Akademi University strives to promote and guarantee equal treatment and eliminate discrimination. Equal treatment is a right that applies to all people.

Working for equality, equal opportunity and equal treatment involves creating a study and work environment that is free from discrimination and where diversity is respected. A good study and work environment plays a major role in helping students and staff feel comfortable and secure as well as enjoy their work and perform well.  Such an environment should be free of discrimination for all people, including those who might be the victim of direct or indirect discrimination for legal, ethnic or sociocultural reasons.

Each and every person at Åbo Akademi University must be afforded the same rights and opportunities in their work, regardless of any disabilities, illnesses or health issues. Disabilities refer to the permanent physical, mental or social limitation of a person’s functional capacity in relation to their environment. Gender equality is a goal that Åbo Akademi University is committed to achieving in every aspect of its operations.

Everyone at Åbo Akademi University plays a vital role when it comes to laying the foundation for a study and work community that is positive and fair.


Please note, the new plan for gender equality and equal treatment 2021-2023 is currently under work. The site will be updated with the new plan during spring 2021.

Updated 6.4.2021