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[EN] FITech: Finnish Institute of Technology

The seven technology universities in Finland, the Technology Industry and TEK founded the FITech Co-operation University in 2017 to respond to the need for engineers in Southwest Finland.

The first project was called FITech Turku, which target group is students at the technology universities and local institutions that are in demand by the region’s industry. The FITech ICT project began in 2019 and is aimed at people without an active right of study but who want to update or deepen their ICT skills. In a similar way, the FITech Energy Storage project is aimed at people in working life, with a focus on education about energy storage.

Within FITech, you will find interesting courses and modules from all participating universities around the Finland. More information and registration can be found at www.fitech.io.

Updated 3.8.2020