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Banner för ELE-Conference 2024

Banner för ELE-Conference 2024

Lunch menues


Wednesday/Onsdag 22.5

House wild game patties with a creamy thyme sauce (G L)

Fried salmon with apple cider sauce (G L)

Feta-vegetable patties with tzatziki (G L)

Thursday/Torsdag 23.5

Cured beef brisket with cognac pepper sauce (G L)

Fish cakes with chili and ginger with a cold chive sauce (G L)

Falafel with herb creme (G L)


Dinner menu


Skagen on Finnish archipelago bread


Grilled salmon with early vegetables, crushed potato and seafood beurre blanc


Chocolate truffle cake with whipped strawberry and rhubarb pannacotta and fresh berries

Updated 20.5.2024