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Study of Religions – Staff

Study of Religions – Staff

E-mail: firstname.lastname@abo.fi

Peter Nynäs, ThD
Dean 1.9.2019–31.7.2023

Marcus MobergPhD

Jan Svanberg, PhD
Senior University Lecturer

Måns Broo, PhD
University Lecturer

Aminkeng Atabong Alemanji, PhD
Senior University Lecturer , Social Exclusion


Islam Abdalaziz, project assistant
Linda Annunen
, FD, researcher
Francis Benyah, FD, research assistant

Karoliina Dahl, doctoral student
Katriina Hulkkonen, project researcher
Janne Kontala, FD, project researcher
Khushal Naik, doctoral student

Updated 19.1.2024