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Åbo Akademi University Staff Mobility

Interlinking the university with the society

Åbo Akademi University’s (ÅAU) staff mobility programme is a knowledge exchange between the university and companies and organisations outside academia. Both academic and support personal at ÅAU can participate.


  • Mutual knowledge exchange and technology transfer
  • Bring new ideas to research and new ways of working
  • Create and strengthen long-term collaboration
  • Enhance the societal relevance of university education and research 

What we offer your organisation or company

  • A flexible way of sharing knowledge and use mutual resources for developing both the company/organisation and the university
  • Placement for the ÅAU staff at your organisation is up to 6months 1day/week.
  • Channels for knowledge exchange and long-term cooperation to strengthen the future developments of both organisations.

Criteria for the host organisation 

  • The hosting organisation appoints a mentor at a suitable level in the organisation
  • Together with the ÅAU staff sets up a plan for the exchange
  • The host organisation is aware that the ÅAU staff is not a staff-replacement
  • The hosting organisation will take part in reflective feedback surveys and possibly interviews about the experience of the mobility programme.


Sign up

Sign up for collaboration with Åbo Akademi University using this application form and we will be in contact with you to discuss more.

For more information, contact: staffmobility@abo.fi


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Updated 21.5.2019