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IT-The New Literacy

IT-The New Literacy

Sepinoud Azimi Rashti explains why learning how to handle data in various ways is the new literacy which makes courses like Introduction to Data Science and Data Analysis with Visual Basic so important for all of us.

The definition of literacy has dramatically changed over the past few decades. Not long ago, an illiterate person was then one who could not read and write. However, the birth of internet changed the world and our perception towards it once and for all. Being able to read the written words and interpret them was not anymore the bare minimum of being called literate. Being familiar with the world of computers and being able to navigate through the internet pages was the new norm of literacy. Yet, the world does not stand still and neither our view towards it. Living in a world surrounded by an ocean of various types of data, makes it imperative to learn swimming and navigating through this uncharted open waters. Now, being able to sufficiently (and that is quite subjective) collect, process and understand the relevant data in different life situations, is a must, and is the new literacy definition. This is the area that is charging our lives and extending its horizons to previously unperceived future. This is the area that makes dreams the realities and facilitates life-changing breakthroughs. Autonomous everything, smart cities, medical advancements are only a few playgrounds to name. Data related expertise are also sweeping away the job demands’ landscape. More and more companies, private and government-based organizations are looking for data scientists.

The world has opened up to all opportunities that data can provide and this is only the beginning of a revolutionized future. At Åbo Akademi University we have welcomed this wave of changes and are offering an array of interesting online courses to guide you through the world of data and equip you with the tools to expertly navigate within its boundaries by understanding it, manipulating it and taking advantage of its potentials to its fullest capacity.

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Written by: Sepinoud Azimi Rashti, PhD, Faculty of Science and Engineering at Åbo Akademi University.

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Updated 7.3.2022