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Data Science

Why data science? In the age of data explosion, the face of science used in all fields is being changed dramatically. Nowadays, both scientists and practitioners are dealing with massive amount of unstructured data, which contains unprecedented amount of decrypted information, which in turn can facilitate the break through data-driven discoveries and predictions. That is why the demand for the ”data scientists” with the ability to read through this entangled web of knowledge is on rise. The ”data scientist” is a high-ranking professional with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of big data.

Kursutbud 2020-2021

► Arrangör: CLL/öppna universitetet

NÄTKURS Introduction to data science, 5 ects

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Time: 26.10-20.12.2020
Teacher: PhD Sepinoud Azimi
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of python is required for this course. For example Programmering, I, 5 cr.
Application deadline 19.10.2020

Machine learning, 5 cr. Online course

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Time: 11.1-21.3.2021
Teacher: PhD Sepinoud Azimi
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of MATLAB/Octave is advised.
Application deadline 3.1.2021