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Agreement: the use of study material

Agreement: the use of study material

Agreement for students using study material provided by the education organiser and the organiser of instruction using material produced by students

Please, read the following rules and conditions prior to participation in this course. This contract, which concerns a student’s right to use study material provided by the organizer of instruction and the organizer’s right to use the material prepared by the student (hereinafter referred to as ’the Agreement’), is a legally binding contract between the student and the organizer of instruction, Åbo Akademi University.

By accepting this Agreement and registering as a student of this course the user of the material abides by the rules and conditions of this Agreement.

1. The rights of the student to use the material
1.1 Restriction on the Rights of Use

According to the conditions of this Agreement, Åbo Akademi University grants the student, without charge, the right to use the study material related to a course, with the understanding that it is to be used as required by the course.

The student is granted the following rights of use of the material for the duration of the course:

  • the right to save material in a digital form for own use
  • the right to make print-outs of the study material
  • the right to take backup copies of study material
  • the right to modify the material and to combine it with other study material
  • the right to use the modified material in the same way as the original material
  • the right to present and show the material and its modifications in connection
    with the instruction related to the course
  • the right to make material available to other students participating in the same course, in order to carry out the tasks related to the course (e.g. group work).

Instructional material shall not be used in any context other than in studies related to a course without written approval from the owner of these rights.

Copies made on the basis of this Agreement are not to be used, distributed, presented or publicly shown or in any other way made accessible to the public in any context other than within studies related to this course

The rights of use stated in this Agreement are not transferable to a thrid party.

1.2 Moral rights

When using the study material or parts of it, the student has to make reference to the author of the material and to the other owners of rights in accordance with good practice. Notification concerning the owners of the rights is not to be excluded.

1.3 Rules on the use of computer programs

If the study material contains a computer program which is in machine language (object code), the following are the areas where it is not allowed, without prior written permission from the owner of the right, to make changes to the object code; apart from use entitled by direct legal provisions:

  • translation of the program into a source language or decoding the program into a comprehensible form,
  • modification of the program, creation of new versions or derivatives thereof
  • combination of the program with other programs
  • sub-licensing of the program, drawing a rental agreement, rental, lending or other distribution of the program or any of its parts as such or in a modified form
  • use or copying of the program for purposes other than the purpose mentioned in the provision 1 of this Agreement.
2. The student’s duty of care

The student is obliged to comply with the restrictions on the right of use set out in this agreement. The student should carefully store the obtained usernames and/or passwords and ensure that the username and/or password do not come into the possession of third parties. The student is responsible for any third party making use of their username and/or password.

3. Liability for damages

The student is liable for all possible damage caused to the education organiser by the use of the teaching materials that violates this agreement.

4. Approval for the use of material prepared by the student

The student has a copyright to the material they have prepared on the course.

The student approves that the organizer of the course to use the material prepared by the student in connection with the instruction of the course in which the said student has participated.

The organizer of the course may take copies of the material, present and show the material in connection with the instruction of the said course, distribute prints made of the material or digitally distribute the material to other students attending the course.

The organiser of the course is not to use the material after the course has finished, nor in connection with any other course unless such use has been specifically agreed in writing between the parties.

5. Law applied and settlement of differences

Legislation in force in Finland is applicable to this Agreement and any differences concerning it will be settled by the court of law in Turku.


Do you agree to the terms and conditions of use of the materials in this course? In order to be entitled to study on the course, you have to answer “yes”. By logging in to a course page in Moodle, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Updated 20.12.2023