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Political Science – research projects

Political Science – research projects

Research projects

Personalization of electoral competition: long-term institutional effects on party-voter linkages and party systems (Peter Söderlund) finaced by Academy of Finland 2014–2019

Consortium of Trust Research – Pathways to Political Trust (CONTRE, professor Kimmo Grönlund), financed by Academy of Finland 2015-2019; More information here.

Democratic Innovations in Finland and Political Legitimacy (Henrik Serup Christensen), financed by Academy of Finland 2015–2020

Involvera medborgarna genom deliberativa processer? – Experimentella bevis på deliberativa mini-publics centrala kausala mekansimer, samt deras applicerbarhet på verkligt beslutfattande akademiforskare Kim Strandberg), financed by Academy of Finland 2016–2021

Problems in present patterns of long-term decision-making, delprojekt I PALO-konsortiet (forskningschef Lauri Rapeli), finansieras av Academy of Finland 2017–2021; More information here.

Ostroinvolve 2.0 (akademiforskare Kim Strandberg), financed by Högskolestiftelsen i Österbotten 2018–2019

Pocket democracy (PD Jenni Lindholm och PD Janne Berg), financed by Högskolestiftelsen i Österbotten 2018–2019; More information here.



Updated 13.7.2020