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Organisation for preparing for the audit

Organisation for preparing for the audit

The Rector leads the overall quality work at Åbo Akademi University. The Rector decides on the date for the audit, approves the audit agrement with the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC), and approves the audit material that Åbo Akademi University submits to FINEEC by a given deadline.

Åbo Akademi University has appointed a steering group and an operational audit team to prepare for the FINEEC’s audit of Åbo Akademi University in the spring 2022.

The Audit Steering Group

  • Mikael Lindfelt (chair), acting rector
  • Heidi Backman (vice-chair), director of university services
  • Marko Joas (representing the deans), dean for the Faculty of Social sciences, Business and Economics
  • Tiina Heinistö (representing the heads of faculty administration), head of faculty administration at the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology
  • Satu Laitila (representing the Centre for Lifelong Learning), planner
  • Anna Oksanen (representing the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University), student
  • Petra Autio (external expert), quality manager at Novia University of Applied Sciences

Prepatory secretary: Ole Kalrsson, coordinator
Resource person: Mika Wulff, director for HR Services, or some with a delegation when HR-specific processer are discussed

The steering group is responsible for

  • establishing plans with timetables for the projects linked to the audit
  • following up the timetables within the audit projects and, if necessary, decide on changes to them
  • giving feedback on material for the self-evaluation report
  • approving a communication plan for the audit
  • continuously inform the rectorate about the progress of the audit project
  • according to the rector’s instructions, presenting the progress of the audit project to the ÅAU board and the Rector’s Council
  • approving requested supplements to the material ÅAU has submitted to FINEEC
  • if necessary, support the update of the quality assurance system.

The Audit Team

  • Lena Nybond (chair), director of Educational Services
  • Ole Karlsson (vice-chair), coordinator at the Learning Support
  • Tove Forslund (secretary), coordinator at the Learning Support
  • Anna Granberg, education developer at the Learning Support
  • Kristina Granstedt-Ketola, amanuensis at the Centre for Lifelong Learning
  • Pia-Maria Kallio, section head of Research Services
  • Heidi Karlsson, academic affairs coordinator at the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Resource person: Petra Lindblad, student rights expert, the Student Union of Åbo Akademi University

The audit team is responsible for

  • supporting the steering group and providing documents for decision-making in the audit project
  • preparing and implementing the audit sub-projects in cooperation with ÅAU’s faculties and units
  • developing a communication plan for the audit
  • producing the material for ÅAU’s self-assessment report and other audit material, excluding the update of the quality assurance system
  • presenting the current status of the audit projects at the meeting of the Audit Steering Group
  • for the audit material being entered into the FINEEC database
  • for the practicalities connected to the Audit Panel visit, incl. to convene people for the interview groups
  • for the closing seminar where the Audit Report is presented.


Updated 9.2.2022