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The History of Åbo Akademi University

The History of Ideas and the Formation of Learning at Åbo Akademi University

This anthology analyses the creation of new information at Åbo Akademi University. Different disciplines have been meaningful during different epochs. New subjects have come about while others have been laid down. The articles in the volume identify courses of events and crossroads at Åbo Akademi University that are meaningful in the history of science. The articles cover, for example, overarching scientific patterns of thinking that have dominated during different epochs, the relationship between science and technology, as well as the significance of both formal scientific networks and informal social relations within the researcher community. The volume is published in Swedish.

Students of Åbo Akademi University working in a chemistry laboratory in 1954. Photo: Kamera-Boden.


Åbo Akademi University and Society

This anthology describes Åbo Akademi University both as a societal actor and an institution, the structure and operations of which have been formed by the surrounding society. The articles in the volume ask what the impact of societal changes have been to Åbo Akademi University and how Åbo Akademi University has influenced the regional societal development in Swedish-speaking Finland. The articles discuss, for example, the significance of language and locations, funding and power structures, everyday life, the recruitment of students and teachers, interaction with industry and the different roles of expertise in society. The volume is published in Swedish.

Student Union of Åbo Akademi University, newspaper room in 1960s. Photo: unknown; Hufvudstadsbladets bildtjänst.


History Committee and Editors

The history work is funded by the Åbo Akademi University Endowment and is led by a History Committee appointed by Rector Jorma Mattinen.

The members of the History Committee are Professor Nils Erik Villstrand, Director Timo Bäckman, Amanuensis Ulrika Grägg, Professor Ari Ivaska, Head of Research Christer Kuvaja (chair), Licentiate of Philosophy Johan Nikula, University Teacher Patrick Sibelius, Chancellor Ulrika Wolf-Knuts and Head of Communications Thurid Eriksson (secretary).

Three editors answer for the practical execution of the work: Doctor of Philosophy Laura Hollsten, Docent Henry Nygård and Doctor of Philosophy Anders Ahlbäck.


Editors Laura Hollsten and Anders Ahlbäck can be reached by email according to the formula firstname.familyname@abo.fi. Editor Henry Nygård can be reached by email according to the formula firstname.familyname@multi.fi.

Updated 1.3.2019