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Enter Sibeliusmuseum

Enter Sibeliusmuseum

The Sibelius Museum. Piispankatu 17, Turku. Mediasource: Åbo Akademi University image bank.

The Sibelius Museum is the only museum totally devoted to music in Finland. The museum building, designed by Woldemar Baeckman, is one of the most original Finnish creations of the 1960s. A selection taken from the approx. 2 000 instruments of traditional and art musics from all around the globe is exhibited. One room is naturally reserved for Sibelius´s life and work. During the fall and spring seasons the museum’s Wednesday concert series offers musical experiences of various genres. Apart from it’s collection on Jean Sibelius, the archive of the Sibelius Museum owns a large collection of different material connected to music, e.g. sheet music, photos and sound recordings. The Sibelius Museum and it’s collections is an interesting site to both experts and ordinary music lovers.

The Address to the museum is Piispankatu 17 and the museum is open on Saturday 21 April 11-16. Free Entry!


Our thematic exhibitions:

Sibbe 50

The exhibition Sibbe 50 tells about the Sibelius Museum building and the architect Woldermar Baeckman. The 50 year of the building is told with photos, building construction plans and miniatyr models. Is the building a wonderful concrete house or a horrible cube?

A cantata for the doctors – Music at academic ceremonies

The exhibition covers music performed at conferment ceremonies at Finnish universities in general and at the inauguration ceremony and conferment ceremonies at Åbo Akademi University in particular.


Updated 19.4.2018