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Application instructions for research and teaching staff

Application instructions for research and teaching staff

When a position for a teacher or researcher is advertised open, applicants are asked to provide various appendices to their applications. As a rule, applicants are asked to provide a curriculum vitae, a full list of publications and a teaching portfolio. Other appendices can also be requested, such as a research plan, a selection of publications provided in full text and certificates. The appendices should be submitted electronically together with the electronic application. The attachments can be uploaded in the following formats: rtf, doc, odt, pdf, txt, docx. Appendices are named properly, for instance “Research plan [Name]”, “Teaching portfolio [Name]” etc. Any technical questions in relation to the appendices and their format can be directed to the contact person mentioned in the advertisement or sent to rekry@abo.fi.


The teaching portfolio will form among other things give a thorough overview of the applicant’s teaching experience and teaching activities as well as their work with pedagogical approaches.

The curriculum vitae is prepared following the recommendations of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK). Any additional specifications of the disposition of curriculum vitae will be mentioned separately in the recruitment advertisement.

A complete list of publications is included in the curriculum vitae. The dispositions of the list of publications follows the classification of publication types established by the Ministry of Education and Culture:

Publications types:

A Peer-reviewed scientific articles

Journal article; book section, chapters in research books; conference proceedings
NB. Doctoral dissertations (articles) are also listed under item G.

B Non-refereed scientific articles

Journal articles; book sections, chapters in research books; non-refereed conference proceedings

C Scientific books (monographs)

Book, edited book, conference proceedings or special issue of a journal
NB. Doctoral dissertations (monographs) are only listed under item G (Theses).

D Publications intended for professional communities

Article in a trade journal; article in a professional manual or guide or professional information system, textbook material, professional conference proceedings, published development or research report or study, textbook, professional manual or guide, dictionary

E Publications intended for the general public, linked to the applicant’s research

Popularised article, newspaper article; popularised monograph

F Public artistic and design activities

Published independent work of art; public partial realisation of a work of art; public artistic performance or exhibition; model or design adopted for production/use

G Theses

Polytechnic thesis, bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, polytechnic master’s thesis; licentiate thesis; doctoral dissertation (monograph); doctoral dissertation (article)

H Patents and invention disclosures

Granted patent, invention disclosure

I Audiovisual material, ICT software

Audiovisual material, ICT software


The publications should provide complete literature references showing the authors and the name and publisher of the article or publication.


Updated 16.6.2023