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ÅAFPC – Publications 2020

ÅAFPC – Publications 2020

Blomquist, N., Koppolu, R., Dahlström, C., Toivakka, M., and Olin, H. (2020). Influence of Substrate in Roll-to-roll Coated Nanographite Electrodes for Metal-free Supercapacitors. Scientific Reports, 10(1). [ DOI ]

Cheng, R., Liu, L., Xiang, Y., Lu, Y., Deng, L., Zhang, H., Santos, H. A., and Cui, W. (2020). Advanced liposome-loaded scaffolds for therapeutic and tissue engineering applications. Biomaterials, 232:119706. [ DOI ]

Li, G., Zhao, X., Zhang, L., Yang, J., Cui, W., Yang, Y., and Zhang, H. (2020). Anisotropic ridge/groove microstructure for regulating morphology and biological function of Schwann cells. Applied Materials Today, 18:100468. [ DOI ]

Cao, G., Li, Y., Qi, Y., Qiao, Y., He, J., Zhang, H., Cui, W., and Zhou, M. (2020). NIR-responsible and optically monitored nanoparticles release from electrospinning fibrous matrices. Materials Today Advances, 6:100044. [ DOI ]

Karaman, D. S., Ercan, U. K., Bakay, E., Topaloğlu, N., and Rosenholm, J. M. (2020). Evolving Technologies and Strategies for Combating Antibacterial Resistance in the Advent of the Postantibiotic Era. Advanced Functional Materials, 30(15):1908783. [ DOI ]

Kummala, R., Véliz, D. S., Fang, Z., Xu, W., Abitbol, T., Xu, C., and Toivakka, M. (2020). Human Dermal Fibroblast Viability and Adhesion on Cellulose Nanomaterial Coatings: Influence of Surface Characteristics. Biomacromolecules, 21(4):1560–1567. [ DOI ]

Zhang, L., Xiang, Y., Zhang, H., Cheng, L., Mao, X., An, N., Zhang, L., Zhou, J., Deng, L., Zhang, Y., Sun, X., Santos, H. A., and Cui, W. (2020). A Biomimetic 3D-Self-Forming Approach for Microvascular Scaffolds. Advanced Science, 7(9):1903553. [ DOI ]

Macchia, E., Picca, R. A., Manoli, K., Franco, C. D., Blasi, D., Sarcina, L., Ditaranto, N., Cioffi, N., Österbacka, R., Scamarcio, G., Torricelli, F., and Torsi, L. (2020). About the amplification factors in organic bioelectronic sensors. Materials Horizons, 7(4):999–1013. [ DOI ]

Joon, N. K., Barnsley, J. E., Ding, R., Lee, S., Latonen, R.-M., Bobacka, J., Gordon, K. C., Ogawa, T., and Lisak, G. (2020). Silver(I)-selective electrodes based on rare earth element double-decker porphyrins. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 305:127311. [ DOI ]

Qiao, Y., Liu, X., Zhou, X., Zhang, H., Zhang, W., Xiao, W., Pan, G., Cui, W., Santos, H. A., and Shi, Q. (2020). Gelatin Templated Polypeptide Co-Cross-Linked Hydrogel for Bone Regeneration. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 9(1):1901239. [ DOI ]

Rosqvist, E., Niemelä, E., Frisk, J., Öblom, H., Koppolu, R., Abdelkader, H., Véliz, D. S., Mennillo, M., Venu, A. P., Ihalainen, P., Aubert, M., Sandler, N., Wilén, C.-E., Toivakka, M., Eriksson, J. E., Österbacka, R., and Peltonen, J. (2020). A low-cost paper-based platform for fast and reliable screening of cellular interactions with materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 8(6):1146–1156. [ DOI ]

Wang, X., Wang, Q., and Xu, C. (2020a). Nanocellulose-Based Inks for 3D Bioprinting: Key Aspects in Research Development and Challenging Perspectives in Applications – A Mini Review. Bioengineering, 7(2):40. [ DOI ]

Chen, W., Chen, H., Zheng, D., Zhang, H., Deng, L., Cui, W., Zhang, Y., Santos, H. A., and Shen, H. (2020). Gene-Hydrogel Microenvironment Regulates Extracellular Matrix Metabolism Balance in Nucleus Pulposus. Advanced Science, 7(1):1902099. [ DOI ]

Wickström, H., Koppolu, R., Mäkilä, E., Toivakka, M., and Sandler, N. (2020). Stencil Printing – A Novel Manufacturing Platform for Orodispersible Discs. Pharmaceutics, 12(1):33. [ DOI ]

Wilken, S., Sandberg, O. J., Scheunemann, D., and Österbacka, R. (2020). Watching Space Charge Build Up in an Organic Solar Cell. Solar RRL, 4(3):1900505. [ DOI ]

Yin, T., Han, T., Li, C., Qin, W., and Bobacka, J. (2020). Real-time monitoring of the dissolution of silver nanoparticles by using a solid-contact Ag-selective electrode. Analytica Chimica Acta, 1101:50–57. [ DOI ]

Wang, Y., Wu, D., Wu, G., Wu, J., Lu, S., Lo, J., He, Y., Zhao, C., Zhao, X., Zhang, H., and Wang, S. (2020b). Metastasis-on-a-chip mimicking the progression of kidney cancer in the liver for predicting treatment efficacy. Theranostics, 10(1):300–311. [ DOI ]

Tang, J., Gu, Y., Zhang, H., Wu, L., Xu, Y., Mao, J., Xin, T., Ye, T., Deng, L., Cui, W., Santos, H. A., and Chen, L. (2020). Outerinner dual reinforced micro/nano hierarchical scaffolds for promoting osteogenesis. Nanoscale, 11(34):15794–15803. [ DOI ]

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