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ÅAFPC – Highlighted Publications

ÅAFPC – Highlighted Publications

Ahamed, A., Ge, L., Zhao, K., Veksha, A., Bobacka, J., & Lisak, G. (2021). Environmental footprint of voltammetric sensors based on screen-printed electrodes: An assessment towards “green” sensor manufacturing. Chemosphere, 278, 130462. [DOI]

Bonnassieux, Y., Brabec, C. J., Cao, Y., Carmichael, T. B., Chabinyc, M. L., Cheng, K.-T., … Wu, Y. (2021). The 2021 flexible and printed electronics roadmap. Flexible and Printed Electronics, 6(2), 023001. [DOI]

Chirico, G., Dacarro, G., O’Regan, C., Peltonen, J., Sarfraz, J., Taglietti, A., … Pallavicini, P. (2018). Photothermally Responsive Inks for Inkjet-Printing Secure Information. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 35(9), 1800095. [DOI]

Jain, A., Bansal, K. K., Tiwari, A., Rosling, A., & Rosenholm, J. M. (2019). Role of Polymers in 3D Printing Technology for Drug Delivery – An Overview. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 24(42), 4979–4990. [DOI]

Kemp, E., Palomäki, T., Ruuth, I. A., Boeva, Z. A., Nurminen, T. A., Vänskä, R. T., … Bobacka, J. (2022). Influence of enzyme immobilization and skin-sensor interface on non-invasive glucose determination from interstitial fluid obtained by magnetohydrodynamic extraction. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 206, 114123. [DOI]

Koskela, J., Sarfraz, J., Ihalainen, P., Määttänen, A., Pulkkinen, P., Tenhu, H., … Peltonen, J. (2015). Monitoring the quality of raw poultry by detecting hydrogen sulfide with printed sensors. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 218, 89–96. [DOI]

Rosqvist, E., Niemelä, E., Frisk, J., Öblom, H., Koppolu, R., Abdelkader, H., … Peltonen, J. (2020). A low-cost paper-based platform for fast and reliable screening of cellular interactions with materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 8(6), 1146–1156. [DOI]

Sarcina, L., Viola, F., Modena, F., Picca, R. A., Bollella, P., Di Franco, C., … Macchia, E. (2022). A large-area organic transistor with 3D-printed sensing gate for noninvasive single-molecule detection of pancreatic mucinous cyst markers. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 414(18), 5657–5669. [DOI]

Sjöholm, E., Mathiyalagan, R., Rajan Prakash, D., Lindfors, L., Wang, Q., Wang, X., … Sandler, N. (2020). 3D-Printed Veterinary Dosage Forms—A Comparative Study of Three Semi-Solid Extrusion 3D Printers. Pharmaceutics, 12(12), 1239. [DOI]

Tewari, A., Huerta, H., Chinga-Carrasco, G., Hindersland, L. K., Ranta, S., Pettersson, F., … Toivakka, M. (2022). Low-cost dielectric sheets for large-area floor sensing applications. Flexible and Printed Electronics, 7(4), 045005. [DOI]

Toivakka, M., Peltonen, J., & Österbacka, R. (2017). Paper Electronics. In Green Materials for Electronics (pp. 163–189). [DOI]

Wang, L., Wang, Q., Slita, A., Backman, O., Gounani, Z., Rosqvist, E., … Wang, X. (2022). Digital light processing (DLP) 3D-fabricated antimicrobial hydrogel with a sustainable resin of methacrylated woody polysaccharides and hybrid silver-lignin nanospheres. Green Chemistry, 24(5), 2129–2145. [DOI]

Wang, Q., Xu, W., Koppolu, R., van Bochove, B., Seppälä, J., Hupa, L., … Wang, X. (2022). Injectable thiol-ene hydrogel of galactoglucomannan and cellulose nanocrystals in delivery of therapeutic inorganic ions with embedded bioactive glass nanoparticles. Carbohydrate Polymers, 276, 118780. [DOI]

Wang, Q., Karadas, Ö., Backman, O., Wang, L., Näreoja, T., Rosenholm, J. M., … Wang, X. (2023). Aqueous Two‐Phase Emulsion Bioresin for Facile One‐Step 3D Microgel‐Based Bioprinting. Advanced Healthcare Materials. [DOI]

Wang, Z., Wang, Y., Yan, J., Zhang, K., Lin, F., Xiang, L., … Zhang, H. (2021). Pharmaceutical electrospinning and 3D printing scaffold design for bone regeneration. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 174, 504–534. [DOI]

Wickström, H., Hilgert, E., Nyman, J., Desai, D., Şen Karaman, D., de Beer, T., … Rosenholm, J. (2017). Inkjet Printing of Drug-Loaded Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles—A Platform for Drug Development. Molecules, 22(11), 2020. [DOI]

Xu, W., Zhang, X., Yang, P., Långvik, O., Wang, X., Zhang, Y., … Xu, C. (2019). Surface Engineered Biomimetic Inks Based on UV Cross-Linkable Wood Biopolymers for 3D Printing. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11(13), 12389–12400. [DOI]

Yan, Y., Chen, H., Zhang, H., Guo, C., Yang, K., Chen, K., … Deng, L. (2019). Vascularized 3D printed scaffolds for promoting bone regeneration. Biomaterials, 190–191, 97–110. [DOI]

Zhang, M., Sun, J. J., Khatib, M., Lin, Z.-Y., Chen, Z.-H., Saliba, W., … Haick, H. (2019). Time-space-resolved origami hierarchical electronics for ultrasensitive detection of physical and chemical stimuli. Nature Communications, 10(1). [DOI]

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