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ÅAFPC – Publications 2019

ÅAFPC – Publications 2019

Åbo Akademi Functional Printing Center publications year 2019:

Salunke, J., Singh, A., He, D., Pham, H. D., Bai, Y., Wang, L., Dahlström, S., Nyman, M., Manzhos, S., Feron, K., Österbacka, R., Priimagi, A., Vivo, P., and Sonar, P. (2020). Fluorination of pyrene-based organic semiconductors enhances the performance of light emitting diodes and halide perovskite solar cells. Organic Electronics, 77:105524. [ DOI ]

Bansal, K. K., Upadhyay, P. K., Saraogi, G. K., Rosling, A., and Rosenholm, J. M. (2019). Advances in thermo-responsive polymers exhibiting upper critical solution temperature (UCST). Express Polymer Letters, 13(11):974–992. [ DOI ]

Brobbey, K. J., Haapanen, J., Mäkelä, J. M., Gunell, M., Eerola, E., Rosqvist, E., Peltonen, J., Saarinen, J. J., Tuominen, M., and Toivakka, M. (2019). Effect of plasma coating on antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles. Thin Solid Films, 672:75–82. [ DOI ]

Han, T., Mattinen, U., and Bobacka, J. (2019). Improving the Sensitivity of Solid-Contact Ion-Selective Electrodes by Using Coulometric Signal Transduction. ACS Sensors, 4(4):900–906. [ DOI ]

Hiltunen, A. K., Savijoki, K., Nyman, T. A., Miettinen, I., Ihalainen, P., Peltonen, J., and Fallarero, A. (2019). Structural and Functional Dynamics of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms and Biofilm Matrix Proteins on Different Clinical Materials. Microorganisms, 7(12):584. [ DOI ]

Ibrahim, A. H., Rosqvist, E., Smått, J.-H., Ibrahim, H. M., Ismael, H. R., Afouna, M. I., Samy, A. M., and Rosenholm, J. M. (2019). Formulation and optimization of lyophilized nanosuspension tablets to improve the physicochemical properties and provide immediate release of silymarin. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 563:217–227. [ DOI ]

Xiang, P., Yang, Y., Zhao, Z., Chen, A., and Liu, S. (2019). Experimentally Validating Open Tubular Liquid Chromatography for a Peak Capacity of 2000 in 3 h. Analytical Chemistry, 91(16):10518–10523. [ DOI ]

Kekonen, A., Bergelin, M., Johansson, M., Joon, N. K., Bobacka, J., and Viik, J. (2019). Bioimpedance Sensor Array for Long-Term Monitoring of Wound Healing from Beneath the Primary Dressings and Controlled Formation of H2O2 Using Low-Intensity Direct Current. Sensors, 19(11):2505. [ DOI ]

Liu, Z., Li, Y., Li, W., Lian, W., Kemell, M., Hietala, S., Figueiredo, P., Li, L., Mäkilä, E., Ma, M., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J. T., Liu, D., Zhang, H., Deng, X., and Santos, H. A. (2019). Close-loop dynamic nanohybrids on collagen-ark with in situ gelling transformation capability for biomimetic stage-specific diabetic wound healing. Materials Horizons, 6(2):385–393. [ DOI ]

Ma, X., Özliseli, E., Zhang, Y., Pan, G., Wang, D., and Zhang, H. (2019). Fabrication of redox-responsive doxorubicin and paclitaxel prodrug nanoparticles with microfluidics for selective cancer therapy. Biomaterials Science, 7(2):634–644. [ DOI ]

Martin, K., Kadam, S. A., Mattinen, U., Bobacka, J., and Leito, I. (2019). Solid-contact Acetate-selective Electrode Based on a 1,3-bis(carbazolyl)urea-ionophore. Electroanalysis, 31(6):1061–1066. [ DOI ]

Masood, M. T., Weinberger, C., Qudsia, S., Rosqvist, E., Sandberg, O. J., Nyman, M., Sandén, S., Vivo, P., Aitola, K., Lund, P. D., Österbacka, R., and Smått, J.-H. (2019). Influence of titanium dioxide surface activation on the performance of mesoscopic perovskite solar cells. Thin Solid Films, 686:137418. [ DOI ]

Niemelä, E., Desai, D., Lundsten, E., Rosenholm, J. M., Kankaanpää, P., and Eriksson, J. E. (2019). Quantitative bioimage analytics enables measurement of targeted cellular stress response induced by celastrol-loaded nanoparticles. Cell Stress and Chaperones, 24(4):735–748. [ DOI ]

Nunn, N., Prabhakar, N., Reineck, P., Magidson, V., Kamiya, E., Heinz, W. F., Torelli, M. D., Rosenholm, J., Zaitsev, A., and Shenderova, O. (2019). Brilliant blue, green, yellow, and red fluorescent diamond particles: synthesis, characterization, and multiplex imaging demonstrations. Nanoscale, 11(24):11584–11595. [ DOI ]

Öblom, H., Sjöholm, E., Rautamo, M., and Sandler, N. (2019a). Towards Printed Pediatric Medicines in Hospital Pharmacies: Comparison of 2D and 3D-Printed Orodispersible Warfarin Films with Conventional Oral Powders in Unit Dose Sachets. Pharmaceutics, 11(7):334. [ DOI ]

Öblom, H., Zhang, J., Pimparade, M., Speer, I., Preis, M., Repka, M., and Sandler, N. (2019b). 3D-Printed Isoniazid Tablets for the Treatment and Prevention of Tuberculosis – Personalized Dosing and Drug Release. AAPS PharmSciTech, 20(2). [ DOI ]

Picca, R. A., Manoli, K., Macchia, E., Sarcina, L., Franco, C. D., Cioffi, N., Blasi, D., Österbacka, R., Torricelli, F., Scamarcio, G., and Torsi, L. (2019). Ultimately Sensitive Organic Bioelectronic Transistor Sensors by Materials and Device Structures Design. Advanced Functional Materials, page 1904513. [ DOI ]

Prabhakar, N. and Rosenholm, J. M. (2019). Nanodiamonds for advanced optical bioimaging and beyond. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 39:220–231. [ DOI ]

Rantanen, J. and Sandler, N. (2019). Printing and Additive Manufacturing. AAPS PharmSciTech, 20(7). [ DOI ]

Rosqvist, E., Niemelä, E., Venu, A. P., Kummala, R., Ihalainen, P., Toivakka, M., Eriksson, J. E., and Peltonen, J. (2019). Human dermal fibroblast proliferation controlled by surface roughness of two-component nanostructured latex polymer coatings. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 174:136–144. [ DOI ]

Salunke, J., Guo, X., Lin, Z., Vale, J. R., Candeias, N. R., Nyman, M., Dahlström, S., Österbacka, R., Priimagi, A., Chang, J., and Vivo, P. (2019). Phenothiazine-Based Hole-Transporting Materials toward Eco-friendly Perovskite Solar Cells. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2(5):3021–3027. [ DOI ]

Sandberg, O. J., Dahlström, S., Nyman, M., Wilken, S., Scheunemann, D., and Österbacka, R. (2019). Impact of a Doping-Induced Space-Charge Region on the Collection of Photogenerated Charge Carriers in Thin-Film Solar Cells Based on Low-Mobility Semiconductors. Physical Review Applied, 12(3). [ DOI ]

Sarfraz, J., Peltonen, J., and Ihalainen, P. (2019a). Inkjet-printed thin films on flexible substrate for electro-optical detection of methylamine gas. Thin Solid Films, 669:544–550. [ DOI ]

Sarfraz, J., Rosqvist, E., Ihalainen, P., and Peltonen, J. (2019b). Electro-Optical Gas Sensor Consisting of Nanostructured Paper Coating and an Ultrathin Sensing Element. Chemosensors, 7(2):23. [ DOI ]

Scheunemann, D., Wilken, S., Sandberg, O. J., Österbacka, R., and Schiek, M. (2019). Effect of Imbalanced Charge Transport on the Interplay of Surface and Bulk Recombination in Organic Solar Cells. Physical Review Applied, 11(5). [ DOI ]

Sjöholm, E. and Sandler, N. (2019). Additive manufacturing of personalized orodispersible warfarin films. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 564:117–123. [ DOI ]

Tähkä, S., Sarfraz, J., Urvas, L., Provenzani, R., Wiedmer, S. K., Peltonen, J., Jokinen, V., and Sikanen, T. (2019). Immobilization of proteolytic enzymes on replica-molded thiol-ene micropillar reactors via thiol-gold interaction. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 411(11):2339–2349. [ DOI ]

Tang, J., Gu, Y., Zhang, H., Wu, L., Xu, Y., Mao, J., Xin, T., Ye, T., Deng, L., Cui, W., Santos, H. A., and Chen, L. (2019). Outerinner dual reinforced micro/nano hierarchical scaffolds for promoting osteogenesis. Nanoscale, 11(34):15794–15803. [ DOI ]

Tian, Y., Orlu, M., Woerdenbag, H. J., Scarpa, M., Kiefer, O., Kottke, D., Sjöholm, E., Öblom, H., Sandler, N., Hinrichs, W. L. J., Frijlink, H. W., Breitkreutz, J., and Visser, J. C. (2019). Oromucosal films: from patient centricity to production by printing techniques. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 16(9):981–993. [ DOI ]

Varan, C., Sen, M., Sandler, N., Aktas, Y., and Bilensoy, E. (2019). Mechanical characterization and ex vivo evaluation of anticancer and antiviral drug printed bioadhesive film for the treatment of cervical cancer. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 130:114–123. [ DOI ]

Veliz, D. S., Zhang, H., and Toivakka, M. (2019). Stacking up: a new approach for cell culture studies. Biomaterials Science, 7(8):3249–3257. [ DOI ]

Wang, X., Molino, B. Z., Pitkänen, S., Ojansivu, M., Xu, C., Hannula, M., Hyttinen, J., Miettinen, S., Hupa, L., and Wallace, G. (2019). 3D Scaffolds of Polycaprolactone/Copper-Doped Bioactive Glass: Architecture Engineering with Additive Manufacturing and Cellular Assessments in a Coculture of Bone Marrow Stem Cells and Endothelial Cells. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 5(9):4496–4510. [ DOI ]

Wik, J., Bansal, K. K., Assmuth, T., Rosling, A., and Rosenholm, J. M. (2019). Facile methodology of nanoemulsion preparation using oily polymer for the delivery of poorly soluble drugs. Drug Delivery and Translational Research. [ DOI ]

Xu, W., Molino, B. Z., Cheng, F., Molino, P. J., Yue, Z., Su, D., Wang, X., Willför, S., Xu, C., and Wallace, G. G. (2019a). On Low-Concentration Inks Formulated by Nanocellulose Assisted with Gelatin Methacrylate (GelMA) for 3D Printing toward Wound Healing Application. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11(9):8838–8848. [ DOI ]

Xu, W., Zhang, X., Yang, P., Långvik, O., Wang, X., Zhang, Y., Cheng, F., Österberg, M., Willför, S., and Xu, C. (2019b). Surface Engineered Biomimetic Inks Based on UV Cross-Linkable Wood Biopolymers for 3D Printing. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11(13):12389–12400. [ DOI ]

Yan, Y., Chen, H., Zhang, H., Guo, C., Yang, K., Chen, K., Cheng, R., Qian, N., Sandler, N., Zhang, Y. S., Shen, H., Qi, J., Cui, W., and Deng, L. (2019). Vascularized 3D printed scaffolds for promoting bone regeneration. Biomaterials, 190-191:97–110. [ DOI ]

Zhang, H., Cui, W., Qu, X., Wu, H., Qu, L., Zhang, X., Mäkilä, E., Salonen, J., Zhu, Y., Yang, Z., Chen, D., Santos, H. A., Hai, M., and Weitz, D. A. (2019a). Photothermal-responsive nanosized hybrid polymersome as versatile therapeutics codelivery nanovehicle for effective tumor suppression. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(16):7744–7749. [ DOI ]

Zhang, Y., Xu, W., Wang, X., Ni, S., Rosqvist, E., Smått, J.-H., Peltonen, J., Hou, Q., Qin, M., Willför, S., and Xu, C. (2019b). From Biomass to Nanomaterials: A Green Procedure for Preparation of Holistic Bamboo Multifunctional Nanocomposites Based On Formic Acid Rapid Fractionation. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 7(7):6592–6600. [ DOI ]

Mao, X., Cheng, R., Zhang, H., Bae, J., Cheng, L., Zhang, L., Deng, L., Cui, W., Zhang, Y., Santos, H. A., and Sun, X. (2018). Self-Healing and Injectable Hydrogel for Matching Skin Flap Regeneration. Advanced Science, 6(3):1801555. [ DOI ]

Yan, Y., Sun, T., Zhang, H., Ji, X., Sun, Y., Zhao, X., Deng, L., Qi, J., Cui, W., Santos, H. A., and Zhang, H. (2018). Euryale Ferox Seed-Inspired Superlubricated Nanoparticles for Treatment of Osteoarthritis. Advanced Functional Materials, 29(4):1807559. [ DOI ]

Zhu, Y., Zhang, H., Zhang, Y., Wu, H., Wei, L., Zhou, G., Zhang, Y., Deng, L., Cheng, Y., Li, M., Santos, H. A., and Cui, W. (2018). Endovascular Metal Devices for the Treatment of Cerebrovascular Diseases. Advanced Materials, 31(8):1805452. [ DOI ]

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