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Tenure track Professors within The Sea

Tenure track Professors within The Sea

Tenure track professors

Three assistant/associate professors (tenure track) form the backbone of Åbo Akademi University’s The Sea research profile. They are:

Magnus Hellström Associate Professor within The Sea 1.9.2018-31.8.2022 at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Dr. Hellström earned his doctorate degree in industrial management from Åbo Akademi University. He holds the title of docent (project business) at the same university. His research interests revolve around new business models in the project-based industry, such as ones based on modularization, servitization, collaborative business practices, and sustainability. Hellström also holds a position project and supply chain management at the University of Agder in Norway, where he is a member of a cross-disciplinary research group focusing on circular economy. His work has appeared in journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, and International Journal of Project Management. In addition to his academic work, Hellström has been consulting a number of large and medium sized technology companies.

Nina Tynkkynen Associate Professor within The Sea 1.8.2018-31.7.2022 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business, and Economics.

Dr. Tynkkynen holds a doctorate in administrative sciences from the University of Tampere and the title of docent (environmental policy) at the University of Helsinki. Her research focuses on marine environmental governance and the politics of environmental knowledge, including questions related to public engagement in knowledge production and science—policy interface. She is also interested in the dynamics of international environmental politics. Currently she leads the research project Living with the Baltic Sea in a changing climate: Environmental heritage and the circulation of knowledge, funded by the Academy of Finland (2018-2022). Tynkkynen has a solid publication record, including papers in the leading international journals such as Environmental Politics, Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, Environmental Policy and Governance and Marine Policy, and a monograph by Edward Elgar.

Anna Törnroos-Remes Assistant Professor within The Sea 1.8.2018-31.7.2021 at the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Dr. Törnroos-Remes received her PhD in Marine Biology 2014 and is now back at Åbo Akademi University after four years as a guest researcher at the Centre for Ocean Life, Technical University of Denmark. With a broad interest in marine organisms and the roles they play in nature and for the well-being of us humans and a sustainable blue economy, her current research focuses on the functioning of coastal areas and particularly the seafloor. To understand the functioning of and assess the state and pressures on the marine ecosystem, she applies and develops the “trait-based approach”. This approach centers around the characteristics or traits of marine organisms, such as how they feed, live and reproduce, which allows us to understand how marine organism contribute to e.g. production, nutrient circulation and habitat provision, as well as predict ecological strategies in contrasting environments under global change. The approach incorporates knowledge from multiple scientific fields such as marine ecology, behavioural biology, oceanography, mathematics and physics. Another aspect of her cross-disciplinary work is converting knowledge about the marine ecosystem into information for policy and management, technology and business. She is also engaged in dialog about marine biodiversity and environmental issues with various private stakeholders, and schools and school children through e.g. the BIVALVIA cross-disciplinary art-science-technology project.

Updated 17.10.2018