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SweFiREn project – Publications

SweFiREn project – Publications

Lång, S., Ivanova-Gongne, M., Lagerström, J., & Brännback, M. (2024). Refugee entrepreneurship: A systematic literature review and future research agenda. European Management Journal, forthcoming

Muhos, M., Saarela, M., Simunaniemi, A.M., Lång, S., & Ivanova-Gongne, M. (2024). The grwoth management of the early-stage refugee-owned businesses. In  H.-D. Yan, O. Bajo-Rubio, D. Kwan, & F.-L. T. Yu (Eds.), Conflicts and Challenges in the Middle East: Religious, Political and Economic Perspectives (Perspectives on Development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region ). Springer.

Ivanova-Gongne, M., Lång, S., Muhos, M., & Saarela, M. (2023). Everyday Cosmopolitanism of Opportunity-based Refugee Entrepreneurs. Proceedings of RENT conference, Gdansk, Poland

Orrensalo, T., Fisher, E.K., Shwamra, M., Eskola, E., & Widen, G. (2023). Sustainable refugee entrepreneurship through social innovation: Lesson learnt from Zaatari Camp. Proceedings of RENT conference, Gdansk, Poland

Ivanova-Gongne, M., Gugenishvili, I., Elo, M., Barner-Rasmussen, W., & Lång, S. (2023). Entrepreneurial aspirations and opportunities under conditions of uncertainty: Perspectives from Ukrainian refugee women in European host countries. Proceedings of RENT conference, Gdansk, Poland



Updated 18.6.2024