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Housing in Åbo (Turku)

Exchange students apply for housing themselves. Remember to start applying for housing in time! When applying for housing you should read your e-mail daily in order to be able to confirm the accommodation offer in time. If you fail to confirm the accommodation offer in time, your housing offer will be cancelled. None of these housing options are run by the university – we are only affiliated with them.

Below we have listed some possible options:

Student Village Foundation – TYS

Housing for exchange students is offered in single or shared apartments. All rooms are single rooms. Most exchange students live in shared apartments since there are not enough single apartments. All apartments have bathrooms and access to kitchen facilities. There is only furniture in the apartments, for textiles like pillows and kitchen equipment etc. you can rent a Starting package from the Student Union, or you can choose to buy things yourself.

Apply for housing on the TYS website. You can submit your application for housing 3 months before arrival (1 May and 1 October respectively). The earlier you are able to send the application the better (preferably immediately when their application opens – you don’t have to be accepted by then). We will send them information about whom has been accepted. Just apply immediately when the application opens.

Rooms are rented for the whole term, 1.8-31.12 or 1.1-30.6. Enquiries regarding housing should be directed to info@tys.fi.

Rooms are rented from the first day of each month which means that the key is available for you from the first day of the rent agreement. Depending on your agreement with the Student Village Foundation you have to check with them (phone +358-2-2750200, e-mail info@tys.fi) that the key to your room is available.

You can rent a starting package, containing a pillow, blanket, kitchen supplies etc. from the Starting package storage. Your tutor might be able to pick one up for you before your arrival.

Other housing options (private market)

Forenom is a private agency specializing in offering temporary accommodation for shorter periods. Forenom can offer a lot of different options, but the rents are also higher. Forenom is flexible with the starting and ending dates of the lease. More information: forenom.com

When finding accommodation on your own, it is important to start well in advance. Finding private accommodation may be tedious and hard work and is more expensive than traditional student housing. Be aware that there might be scam activity. Never transfer money without physically confirming the place, and signing the contract upon arrival, in person. You can take a look at the following sites:

Websites in Swedish or Finnish:

We will send out information to the accepted exchange students, if information about any available rooms has come to our attention. For tips on how to sign a rental agreement and what you should consider when renting an apartment on the private market, please see for example the information provided by vuokraovi.com (The ABC of renting).

You can also take a look at the Facebook page of the International Office of Åbo Akademi University if you for example want to find a room mate or ask fellow students for tips. There are other facebook groups dealing with accommodation in the Turku area (facebook.com/groups/TurkuStudents/, facebook.com/groups/vuokra.asunnot.turku/ and facebook.com/groups/339796732733404/ )

Naantali City Apartments 

2 room apartment: 1300 €/month/apartment for 1-4 persons
3 room apartment: 1720 €/month/apartment for 1-6 persons

Prices include: cleaning (once per week, not waste management), water, electric.
Extra fee: Access to the spa, gym and laundry. Breakfast.

Booking: +358 (0) 2 4455100 or info@naantalicityapartments.fi
website: https://naantalicityapartments.fi/en/#toggle-id-2

Temporary accommodation options in Åbo/Turku

Below please find some links to temporary accommodations options:



Ask for longer renting options!


  • Omena Hotel Turku Humalistonkatu – omenahotels.com/en/  
  • Hotel Forum – Student Housing in the hotel – https://www.westsidehotel.fi/rooms/single-budget.html
    • Prices vary but from 600€ – 900€/ month or 340€/week. Reservation code: TYS
    • These special rates are valid only for students and without breakfast. Rooms are cosy, spacious and with private bathroom. We expect you to keep your room clean by yourself, but we offer clean linen every two weeks.
    • Included services: Common kitchen, laundry room, common living room, WIFI, electrity and water. Website: www.majatalo.fi

Private alternatives

Updated 4.10.2022