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Improved technical skills

Improved technical skills

Hey, I am Himal and this is my story. Coming from Nepal, I always dreamt of nourishing my studies on a broader scale and Åbo Akademi has done that for me. A degree programme in sustainable chemical and process engineering unlocked numerous options for me such as a career in industries related to chemical, paper, energy, metals and more.

Åbo Akademi has an excellent balance between practical and theoretical knowledge that most institutes lack. The best thing about Åbo Akademi is that it does not only have a high standard education and highly qualified professors, but also that the environment provided by them is friendly. Moreover, student counselling regarding job search via University’s career service assisted me to create the most effective CV, cover letters and other related matters. Working in laboratories with various research projects comes in handy for students who want to work a part-time job, and at the same time develop their skills in their own field of study. I also did my summer work and practical training in the Laboratory of Paper Coating and Converting at Åbo Akademi University, where I improved myself in many technical skills.

Turku is a small and cozy city where one can go almost everywhere by foot or bike. After living in Turku for almost two years, I can gladly say that Turku has the best quality of life for students. The cultural life is rich in itself, the living costs are reasonable and there are many events and outdoor activities. The weather can be harsh, especially during the winter, but one can easily overcome it by doing outdoor activities such as ice skating, sledging on snow and playing futsal. The student village has almost weekly events where I made many new friends and had a cultural exchange. I have also enjoyed the familiar atmosphere at the university. Being an international student at Åbo Akademi University has been the best experience for me.

Himal Ghimire
Himal Ghimire, Sustainable Chemical and Process Engineering

Updated 1.2.2022