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Admission to MDP in Teaching and Learning

Admission to MDP in Teaching and Learning

General Academic and Programme Specific Requirements
A completed, nationally recognized, three-year bachelor, master, or equivalent diploma in the fields of the desired programme, or in a closely related subject (Teacher’s qualification). Applicants who do not possess a degree in education will be considered if they have completed at least 25 ECTS which at Å bo Åkademi are considered equivalent to
basic studies in teacher-oriented pedagogy at a higher education institution and demonstrate significant knowledge and experience in the field of education.

General requirements: https://www.abo.fi/en/study/apply/international-master-programmes/

Language requirements
Applicants must meet the general English language requirements set by Åbo Åkademi University or prove their English language proficiency
through an interview. https://www.abo.fi/en/study/apply/language-requirements/

Students can apply for the right for their English language proficiency to be assessed separately through an interview by the coordinators of the Master’s Degree Programme in Teaching and Learning. Only applicants who meet the academic requirements will be considered to be granted the right to get their level of proficiency in the
English language assessed this way. During the interview, applicants are asked to authenticate their identity with a passport (the same passport for which a copy was submitted with the application). Coordinators visually assess that it is the same person. Interviews are recorded. The
applicant’s level of language proficiency is assessed based on his or her speaking, listening, and writing skills. An adequate level of proficiency is determined by the coordinators after the interview

Student Selection Process
Student selection is based on application documents (including a CV and motivation letter). Selected students must fulfil the formal admission criteria. At the application stage we require only scanned copies (in color and pdf format).

The following selection criteria are taken into account in the selection process:

  • The applicant’s academic quality, and the success and the relevance of the applicant’s overall study record in the completed bachelor’s and other studies, judged primarily from the degree certificate and transcript of records provided.
  • Motivation letter that specifically highlights one’s interest to study in this programme as well as commitment to research in the academic fields (evidenced in the motivation letter and CV).
  • Relevant work experience and other merits and qualifications documented in the CV and supported by certificates

NOTE: In fulfilment of the Finnish regulations for working with children, admitted students will have to show a Criminal record’s extract before conducting teaching practice in a Finnish school.

Updated 26.9.2022