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Admission to MDP in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

Admission to MDP in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

General Academic and Programme Specific Requirements
A completed, nationally recognized, three-year bachelor, master, or equivalent diploma is required for admission.

General requirements: https://www.abo.fi/en/study/apply/international-master-programmes/

Language requirements
Applicants must meet the general English language requirements set by Åbo Akademi University. https://www.abo.fi/en/study/apply/language-requirements/

Admission Criteria

Students are admitted based on application documents including a CV. At the application stage ÅAU only requires scanned copies in colour and in pdf format. Students must fulfil the formal admission criteria in order to be admitted. Relevance of former studies and grades for these are considered. A score for major subject (in parenthesis) is given as follows: peace studies (40), psychology (40), anthropology (38), law (36), international relations or global affairs (34), social sciences or equivalent (32), development studies (30). The score is then multiplied with a quotient, varying from 0-1.00, with 1.00 representing the highest possible grade of previous studies.


Updated 23.10.2023