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Study programmes

Study programmes

Master’s­ Degree­ Pro­gramme­ in­ Sus­tain­able Che­mi­cal and­ Pro­cess Engi­nee­ring

Like many of the programmes available at ÅAU, this programme has been carefully structured to ensure that graduates are not only equipped with the necessary skills to succeed within their chosen career, but also, to ensure that they are adaptable to the ever-changing face of modern industries.


Master’s­ Pro­gramme­ in ­Bio­sciences

Through research and practical application, a bioscientist can save human and animal lives, develop new cures for diseases or come up with methods and products to save the world's maritime regions.

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Master’s­ Pro­gramme­ in­ English­ Language­ and­ Literature

University studies in English Language and Literature focus on language use, linguistic expressions and language attitudes, as well as the study of English-language literature, cultures, societies and history.

Gult hus i Åbo med solljus mellan trädtopparna.

Master’s­ Pro­gramme­ in­ Finnish­ Language

Admission to the Master’s Programme only entitles you to earn a Master of Arts degree. You must therefore first earn your Bachelor's degree/lower university degree in order to be eligible for admission.

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Master’s­ Pro­gramme­ in­ French­ Language­ and­ Literature

Bienvenue au département de langue et littérature françaises de l'université d'Åbo Akademi.

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Master’s­ Pro­gramme­ in­ Ger­man­ Language­ and­ Litera­ture

The master level studies in German Language and Literature requires good knowledge of German.

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Master’s­ Pro­gramme­ in­ Mathe­matics,­ Physics,­ Chemistry­ and­ Geo­logy

Natural sciences help us to understand the inner and outer workings of our world. Although nature's laws might place some restrictions on human existence, they also offer a myriad of possibilities for sustainable development, whether in terms of the economy, society or environment.

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Master’s­ Pro­gramme­­ in­ Russian­ Language­ and­ Litera­ture

This information is for foreign applicants only.

Qualification-granting studies for teachers, specializing in higher education pedagogy.

Why Higher Education Pedagogy? For those who teach at the university level, the courses provide a solid pedagogical ...