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Structural Immunology Lab

Structural Immunology Lab

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Selective treatments against Borrelia infections

BmpD nucleoside transporter  in Borrelia burgdorferi was recently identified to be a highly selective target for antibiotics against Lyme borreliosis, the most common disease transmitted by ticks in Europe, with increasing yearly cases in the last decades.

Immunosuppressive SEFIR protein as target against Klebsiella infections

Revealing the immune evasion mechanism of the newly discovered Klebsiella pneumoniae KivA that inhibits signaling pathways vital for the human immune system will aid in designing new KivA-targeted strategies to treat Klebsiella infections.

Intercepting Siglec-9 interactions in cancer and inflammation

Understanding the molecular mechanism of Siglec-9 and human primary amine oxidase interaction upon inflammation provides vital clues to how they interaction can be blocked to heal inflammatory conditions.

Molecular mechanism of collagen-binding integrin activation

Collagen-binding integrins α1β1 and α2β1 enhance cancer cell migration and, thus, inhibiting their function a potential treatment for cancer.

Expanding toolbox for Clever-1-targeted oncotherapy

The multi-functional transmembrane glycoprotein Clever-1 on immunosuppressive tumor-associated macrophages is a target for anti-cancer therapy.

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Updated 8.5.2024