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Innovation Resource Moderating Tool

Innovation Resource Moderating Tool



Project coordinator

Åbo Akademi

Project partners

  • Yrkeshögskolan vid Åbo Akademi – Sjöfart
  • Other partners

  • Yrkeshögskolan vid Åbo Akademi
  • Turun ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
  • Åbo Akademi
  • Funded by

  • Europeiska socialfonden
  • Budget

    430 395 euros

    Åbo Akademi University’s part of the budget

    70 000 euros (16%)

    Innovation within the maritime industry is managed within complex networks of actors with different work cultures and lead times. The hunger and need for novelty drive the contractors and yards to novel ways to do innovation.

    The aim of the IRM-Tool project is to create a theory based, moderating tool for innovation and problem-solving workshops that brings together the creative industries and the maritime industry. The IRM-tool is a computer-based platform presenting different innovation theories. The adaptation of the theories is carried out by the partners of the project, i.e. by artists, media professionals, academics and teachers, in order to ensure pedagogically efficient presentation.

    The theories are further illustrated with innovation cases from the maritime industry.   Åbo Akademi University’s role is to develop the thematic platform based on contemporary innovation theories and collect stories of innovation within the maritime industry.