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Include Me -Inclusion Through Mediation

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Include Me -Inclusion Through Mediation



Project coordinator

Åbo Akademi

Project partners

  • European Universities Continuing Education Network
  • European E-learning Institute
  • Momentum Marketing Services Limited
  • Tuzla Kaymakamlığı
  • University of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation.
  • Funded by

  • Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
  • Budget

    240 321 euros

    Åbo Akademi University’s part of the budget

    49 768 euros (21%)

    The Inclusion Through Mediation Project (IncludeMe) aims to empower learners, activists and migrants to become peer-to-peer mediators in their communities and their wider area. IncludeME recognises that the Europe 2020 goals for a more inclusive Europe with higher social integration and community cohesion are more important today than ever in light of increasing societal tension, linked to the economic crisis, immigration & refugee crisis and increasing multi-ethnicity communities etc. Educating migrants and refugees as well as higher education providers, community activists and workers, in mediation skills can play a substantial, positive role in changing social dynamics.

    Thus, the project aims to:
    • Undertake EU wide research to identify the skills, opportunities and best practices on social mediation across Europe and publishe a Good Practice Guide of the findings.
    • Develop a set of Open Education Resources to deliver mediation skills training to learners and volunteers in creative, dynamic ways; allowing them to maximise inclusion through mediation.
    • Produce the IncludeMe MOOC which will engage a high number of volunteers, migrants and stakeholders, allowing them to learn in flexible and adaptive new ways.

    The main target groups for this project are:
    • Refugees/migrant background and other disadvantaged individuals.
    • Community workers, NGOs and voluntary sector organizations.
    • Education providers and all their staff.
    • National education stakeholders.
    • EU policy makers and EU global organisations directly involved in the education sector.

    Project website

    Here is a link to the the project on the erasmus+ website

    Contact us

    Emmanuel Acquah

    Associate Professor (tenure track) 


    Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies

    Anette Bengs


    Experience Lab

    Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies
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