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JOBITTI: Flexible paths towards working life

JOBITTI: Flexible paths towards working life



Project coordinator

University of Turku

Project partners

  • Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Eastern Finland
  • Funded by

  • Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland
  • Budget

    1 180 000 euros

    Åbo Akademi University’s part of the budget

    384 000 euros (33%)

    JOBITTI: Flexible paths towards working life – Development of educational cooperation in the biomedical and medical fields

    Jobitti is part of the Finnish government’s key project to develop higher education. The Jobitti project strives to develop the biomedical education by enabling effective collaboration networks between the participating Finnish universities with education in the field, as well as between them and international collaboration partners. Within the project, new online courses will be planned to increase the options and flexibility in the education plans. Research within the biofields is also a potential source for new innovations and, therefore, a central part of the project is to increase students’ business expertise. Additionally, the project aims to develop a stronger cooperation with biomedical and medical industries to lower the barrier for internship recruitments and to facilitate the students’ transfer to working life. Due to the fast change within the biomedical and medical fields, also the education must answer to new and still unknown needs of different types of expert profiles. Åbo Akademi University is contributing to the Jobitti project by developing three courses: 1) Good Manufacturing Practice in the context of Pharmaceutical Industry (Outi Salo-Ahen, Johan Nyman, Jessica Rosenholm), 2) Structural Bioinformatics in Biomedicine (Tiina Salminen), and 3) Bioinnovation (Tiina Salminen).


    Jobitti: Bio- ja lääkealan koulutusyhteistyön kehittäminen

    Ministry of Education and Culture’s special funding for universities to develop the education 2018-2020:

    Document of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s development project in higher education 2018-2020:

    Ministry of Education and Culture’s news article about approved funding to develop higher education within the fields of medicine and social and healthcare (article in Finnish)

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    Tiina Salminen


    Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    Faculty of Science and Engineering
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