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Allied ICT Finland

Allied ICT Finland


Funded by:

  • Business Finland

The priority meaning of the AIF collaboration is to significantly improve the competitiveness of Finnish companies. AIF creates new solutions by combining usually separate areas of special knowledge, R&D platforms and resources, and uses these to create globally wanted products and services. The potential for company and research institute collaboration and competition requirements will be taken to a completely new level by providing the critical mass and knowledge from the partner talent pool and experience in a business-minded manner. Partners and specialization companies participate in projects with their own talent, tools and R&D environments. AIF increases Finnish competitive edge by combining business development, shared R&D environments, financing services, research and ecosystems. Allied ICT Finland is open to all Finnish companies of high-end technology, as well as companies from other industries and top tier research.

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Johan Lilius


datateknik, företrädesvis inbyggda datorsystem


Fakulteten för naturvetenskaper och teknik


Tel. +358 405440741